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Discover the myriad ways the radiance of a diamond can be enhanced beyond its cut. Classic or modern settings...the enduring allure of precisely coordinated side stones...combinations that capture the admiration of the most discerning eyes.

Physical Characteristics and Cutting

Designed and cut to specific dimensions and set to ideal proportions for classical shape, the Victorian cut diamond uniquely carries 73 facets. The top crown is multifaceted with a small table which contributes significantly to the brilliance and beauty of the diamond. The bottom pavilion is a multifaceted stepcut with specific degrees configured mathematically by the designer in order to gain more reflective brilliance throughout the diamond. Of equal significance, when the Victorian Cut is set, because of its inherent classical proportions and perfect shape, it looks even larger than it first appeared. Its prominence is not an illusion but a natural consequence of the Victorian Cut's distinctive attributes. Victorian cut diamond technicians are experienced, determined and foresee the diamond's beauty before it is actually cut.